José Pouchucq

Meet José Pouchucq, Chilean audiovisual director in charge of the audiovisual direction and production deparment at TBO Films.

Chilean origin, José started his audiovisual studies in the city of Santiago de Chile where he directed short-films that had an important participation in festivals around the world.

Among the most highlighted ones is “Chola”, a film that tells the story of an ignorant and tough caretaker and an old man who suffers from senile dementia. It was exhibited during the 2012 Cannes Festival.

Then, he intiated his professional way working for the film production company Cinestación to later fly off to the city of Barcelona in the year 2014, and continue his education studying a Master in Film Direction.

There, he founded an artistic collective called NOMORETITL.ES along with creative people very related to the world of filming. With them, he has developed several projects with different themes: from music bands to fashion films.

On the other hand, he is part of the team of TBO Films where he is in charge of the audiovisual department and has made different videos related to advertising, fashion, register and other artistic proposals that have strengthened his portfolio as Audiovisual Director.